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The Fanny Pack Is Back: Modern Uses for the Vintage Style Bag

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Fanny packs used to be a laughable fashion accessory, usually worn by mothers and fathers while on family vacations. While the fanny pack has got some slack over the years, the convenient fashion bag is now more relevant then ever. When the bag was first invented, no one could have predicted how much useful it would have with modern technology. The next time you’re planning a vacation, hike, or some type of day trip, consider bringing a fanny pack with you. There are many modern uses for the pack, and each one involves new and modern technology. Learn about these uses and the ways that you can stay fully connected thanks to a fanny pack. Travel Battery Packs When you’re on the go, one of the biggest pains is dealing with a dead battery. Whether you’re rising a train, bus, subway, or in your car, a fanny pack can offer you quick access to extra power with a battery pack. Battery packs are extra power devices that your phone can connect into when the installed battery is low. Not only will your phone have power, but the battery will get charged at the same time. These battery packs are compatible with all types of popular cell phone devices including Samsung and iPhones. When you are wearing a fanny pack, you have the ability to easily store one or more of these battery packs with you for your travels. It makes it a lot easier to access and you can still quickly reach your phone when they are plugged into these battery packs. If you want a lot of power for bigger devices like tablets, then the larger battery packs can provide extra power or even be connected to multiple devices at once. It’s easy to carry these larger devices around in a roomy holder like a fanny pack. When the fanny pack is attached at your waist, you are also least likely to forget it somewhere during your travels. Larger Phone Screens Cell phone technology has gone through a lot of changes. When smart phones were first introduced, the screens were small enough to easily slide into pant pockets. Now, screens are so big that’s hard to easily slide a phone into your pocket unless you are wearing some type of cargo pants. This is where a fanny pack really comes in handy. Along with a battery pack and charger, a fanny pack has plenty of space to easily hold a phone with a larger screen. IT can give your phone room to carry around without having to squeeze into your pockets and press against your body all day. When the phone is placed inside of a fanny pack, it also makes it a lot easier to hear ringtones and notifications because the fanny pack will be placed slightly higher than your pocket would be. Phone Accessories A fanny pack can also serve as your go to location for everything associated with your phone. Along with the actual phone and battery pack, the fanny pack can be used for extra accessories like a Bluetooth headset, USB transfer cables, or any type of stylus that you may use with the device. Instead of mixing all of these items into a purse or backpack, you can ensure that the items are...

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The Longitudinal System Vs. The Torsional System

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When engaging in ultasonic welding, there are two options to choose from: the longitudinal method and the torsional method. The method you should use is based on the results that you are trying to achieve. With the wrong system, you might risk damaging one of the materials you’re working with. The Longitudinal System With the longitudinal system, the system is arranged in a vertical fashion. Vibrations are applied to the pieces. The pressure is created by a cylinder that applies vibrations to connected pieces. One part is placed on top of the other part. Then, a titanium component known as the horn comes in contact with the upper part. Pressure is applied to both parts, clamping them together. Then, the horn is vibrated tens of thousands of times per second. The energy is applied to points of contact. The vibrations create heat through friction. The two parts are clamped in order to ensure that they fuse together. The Torsional System One of the problems with the longitudinal system is that the vibrations may cause problems under some applications. Therefore, it may be necessary to instead use high-frequency friction welding. While vibrations are applied, they are applied intermittently. Unlike with the longitudinal system, the torsional system does not apply any pressure on the lower half of the piece. When working with sensitive parts, there is a risk that they might be damaged through the longitudinal method. This approach also makes it possible to join different plastics together. Otherwise, the process is similar to that of the longitudinal system.  An example of why ultrasonic plastic welding is so helpful is with the creation of microcircuits. Ultrasonic welding can create great bonds without introducing impurities or distorting the components. This makes it possible to create very small microcircuits that can be used for applications such as monitoring a human heart. When using other welding processes, it can be difficult to join materials that are not similar. This can be very useful when creating batteries.  Ultrasonic welding is helpful in the medical industry because it allows for products to be welded without introducing contaminants. Because the process is very automated, it is less likely to introduce contaminants as a result of human error. This welding process does not interfere with the bio-compatibility of parts. However, medical materials are very sensitive, so it may be necessary to use the torsional method rather than relying on the longitudinal system. For more information, talk to a professional like MarTech Sales &...

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The Pros And Cons Of Biometric Access Control Systems

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If you’re thinking about access control, you might be considering a new biometric system. Biometric systems use specific “biological metrics” to track who has access. Most commonly, these are either iris scans or fingerprints. There are both pros and cons to such a system, which can be used to secure everything from a door to a computer or phone system. Pro: They’re Easy for the End User An end user doesn’t need to remember a thing to access a biometric scanner. They simply need to be able to either let their eye be scanned or hold a finger (or multiple fingers) to a scanner. This means no more forgotten keycards or passwords — the user can simply breeze right in. Security technology often fails due to user error; this system eliminates the capacity for that error. Con: They Can Be Finicky Biometric scanning is still a fairly new type of access control system — and it errs on the side of a false negative rather than a false positive. That means users may find themselves having to repeat their scans fairly frequently, as their scans may not be immediately readable. If employees are quickly going in and out, they could find this frustrating at best, harmful to productivity at worst. Pro: They Are Very Difficult to Defeat Because biometric scanning uses a highly individual type of data, it’s very difficult to defeat. You would need to be able to replicate an individual’s eye or finger in order to be able to get through this type of scanner. When it comes to passwords, the systems are usually more forgiving because they are easier to guess or find. Con: They Still Can Be Tricked But though they are difficult to defeat, they aren’t impossible to defeat. Fingerprint scanners, for instance, have been shown to be able to be defeated by something as simple as super glue. Iris scanners are substantially more complicated, but in general, if someone has access to someone’s fingerprints or a high-resolution picture of their iris, they may be able to get into some access control technologies. So should your organization invest in a biometric access control system? In fact, the best system may perform a type of two-factor authentication — using both a keyed in pin or password in addition to a biometric scan. Biometric scans certainly make a system far more secure, but that doesn’t mean that they are without flaw. To learn more, contact a company like Complete Cabling Solutions...

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Consider A Holiday Gift For Your Computer Repair Tech If These Instances Have Occurred

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If you take your home computer to the same repair shop several times throughout the year, you shouldn’t feel obligated to show up around the holidays with a small gift. However, if you feel that the technician who handles your work goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary service, a holiday gift can be a good idea. A gift card for a local sandwich shop or coffee shop are simple gift ideas that can express your satisfaction with the repair shop’s service. Here are some instances that you may have encountered that could compel you to buy a gift. The Tech Is Generous With The Hourly Rate When you drop your computer off with a problem, you’ll be able to see a sign that indicates how much the shop charges per hour. However, at some shops, the technicians will be generous with that time estimate. For example, a technician may need to keep the computer for two business days, but when you arrive to pick it up, you’ve only been charged for one hour of labor. This is good news for a customer who may have been expecting a hefty repair bill. If you’ve been in this situation, a holiday gift can send a clear message of how much you appreciate the way you’re treated. The Tech Puts A Rush On Your Repairs Sometimes, you won’t be able to live without your computer for very long. If you work from home and your computer has a problem, for example, every hour that it spends at the shop is costing you money. If you drop off your computer to be repaired and explain your predicament, some technicians will put a rush on the repair work for you. For example, your tech may do everything within his or her power to have your computer back to you before the end of the day. This top-notch service is certainly deserving of a holiday gift. The Tech Throws In Additional Services For Free When you take your computer into the repair shop for one issue and the technician notices something else wrong, he or she may address this issue without charge. For example, if you’re getting your computer sped up after a period of slow performance, the technician may clean out the inside with compressed air and even run a scan to remove any malware on your machine. These add-ons are an example of exemplary customer service. To learn more, contact a company...

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You May Consider Hiring A Procurement Specialist

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You have built your business up to be a powerhouse, but you may notice that you are hitting a plateau. There are many different strategies to get over a plateau, but you are going to want to use the most efficient method. You may be able to go in and cut obvious costs, but there are going to be areas that you do not notice. It may be time for you to hire a strategic procurement sourcing specialist. These specialists will help by maximizing supplier performance and supporting the company’s business plan. Here are just a few of the different roles that a strategic procurement sourcing specialist can cover. Evaluates Current And Potential Suppliers  You may have been getting your supplies from the same company the entire time you have been in business. However, there may be a better supplier out there that you are not aware of. A procurement and sourcing specialist will be able to evaluate multiple suppliers. They will be able to evaluate them based on multiple variables including cost and quality of the product that they are providing. Obtaining the best product for the cheapest price available is going to be a vital part of taking your business to the next level.  Maintains Rapport Your procurement sourcing specialist may be dealing with multiple suppliers and sourcing managers through your and other companies. They will be able to maintain good rapport with each of the suppliers and managers from different branches of the business. If your specialist is able to keep rapport at a high level at all times, you will be able to continue to do business with the best people and companies. The job will be demanding, but a good procurement specialist will be able to instigate your business plan in a shrewd but friendly manner. This will ensure that you are getting the best prices and quality products and maintaining good relations with the people you are doing business with. Help Adapt Business Plans Your procurement and sourcing specialist is going to be a vital part of an ever-adapting business plan. As supply and demand of your service go up and down, they will be able to help you construct new negotiations with potential suppliers. In order to have a successful company, your business plan will be ever adapting. To ensure that your company is still profitable through the changes, your procurement specialist will make sure that you are getting the best prices on all your products.  To learn more, contact a company like Principle Info...

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How Do You Talk To Technical Support?

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Calling internet service technical support–or any kind of customer support–is a major challenge for many customers. Some people are content to just complain about a problem and either hope for a fix or quit the service, but when service area monopolies or good deals that you’d like to keep are on the line, the art of the chat is necessary. If you’re not great at calling support, or don’t feel like you have the technical backing to hold an informed conversation, here are a few ways to keep yourself in the know while giving technical support reps the information they need. Know Your Problem Category It’s not good enough to say that your internet is “not working.” Although it becomes the technical support professional’s job to play guessing games and perform some inspection to get the information out of you, if you actually care about getting your service fixed, you’ll at least be ready to report the correct problem. When your internet isn’t working, does it mean that you can’t visit a certain website? Is it specific websites? Explain what you were trying to do, such as visiting YouTube or checking your e-mail. Make sure to check other websites to make sure that one specific website isn’t the problem–if it’s just one site, your problem is with that site, not your technical support agent. If your internet is slow, how do you know it’s slow? Is the website loading, but over a slow amount of time? Again, the specific website may be having problems, so confirm other website performance first. Can you access internet on your wired/cable-connected computer, but not your wireless device? Be sure to check both ways of connecting to figure out if it’s a specific type of internet access giving you a problem. Knowing About Disconnects, Speed, And Consistency The major internet issues will be slow performance, complete loss of connectivity, or consistency issues that can seem like either of the first two problems. Slow performance should always be tested with an internet speed-testing website, such as or These sites will show your current speed in a way that matches your Internet Service Provider (ISP) plan. If different websites for speed tests aren’t loading at all, it’s understandable that you won’t have much information for technicians. Just try to run tests once or twice; you don’t need to wait on these results to call technical support. It can be hard to tell if your internet is disconnecting unless it happens for long periods of time or on a consistent basis. People who play online games or watch online videos may notice their services being interrupted, and major operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X will have indicators showing a loss of connectivity. Consistency is the hardest to prove. Speed tests can show up as accurate, but you may not always be able to reach a website. Information can arrive quickly, but with a high failure rate that isn’t visible unless you happen to be playing a game or watching a movie while running a speed test to confirm failure during adequate speeds. With some information on your side, contact your ISP technical support and discuss the symptoms of your problem for a well-informed discussion and a more accurate...

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4 Benefits Of VOIP Phone Service For Small Businesses

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If you are the owner of a small business, you know that having open lines of communication with your customers is one of the most important things you can do for your business to be successful. Many business rely on standard phone lines, but VOIP provides many more excellent features at a lower cost. Here are a few reasons that you should consider VOIP for your small business. Extra Features With a normal phone line, you usually have very few options other than voice calling. With VOIP calling, you can integrate several different features into the call that enhance the remote business experience. Conference calling is simple and easy with VOIP, and most VOIP service providers also have monitoring software that features muting, hand-raising, and other organizational tools. One of the key features of VOIP phone service is multimedia integration. Instead of relying on voice conferencing, you can use video conferencing for face-to-face meetings with important business partners. You can also send documents, audio clips, and other files directly over the VOIP network. You can also set up an electronic voice menu for the client-facing side of your phone network to make sure that customers are sent to the right department. Lower Cost Standard phone service providers have to contend with regulations and high maintenance costs that drive up costs for their customers. VOIP service providers are not connected to the traditional phone infrastructure, instead transmitting phone calls over the internet, and are therefore not subjected to the same regulations and fees. This means that you will be able to get high-quality service from a VOIP service provider for a much lower cost than you would pay with a phone company. Another factor that reduces the cost of VOIP service is the easy installation. Instead of installing new wiring in your company building, VOIP providers simply take advantage of the internet service that you already have. Setting up VOIP service usually only requires a small USB adapter that is plugged into a computer and connected to your traditional handsets. Flexibility Many businesses with traditional phone service play a game of “phone tag” or rely on a bulky switchboard when a call needs to be routed to a specific person or department. VOIP is much more versatile, allowing any call to be transferred to anyone in the company who is connected to the network with no hassle. Many VOIP systems can even screen incoming calls to automatically determine where they need to go. Because VOIP functions through your data network, it allows you to access virtually all forms of communication through a computer instead of a handset. You can take and receive calls from a broadband-connected laptop using a headset and mic. You can even have faxes and voicemails transcribed and sent to your email address so that you are notified of them as soon as possible. Features such as these can drive up productivity in your company; A study by Telephone & Data Systems, Inc. found that conference bridging is 10 times faster and receiving faxes is three times faster when using a VOIP service. Mobility When you are using VOIP service, you are no longer restricted to your desk phone to keep from missing important calls. Because your business will be given a unique calling IP, you can...

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The Many Skills Of A Naturalist: From Technology To Public Speaking

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By definition, naturalists enjoy interacting with the environment. Whether their specific job title is forester, park ranger, or environmental scientist, all naturalists spend time in the great outdoors. They might use grants to conduct research on animal habitats, or perhaps they lead visitors on tours through national parks. A naturalist’s job duties are diverse, and probably include a few fascinating duties many people don’t realize: A Naturalist Uses Technology You don’t typically envision a naturalist pounding away on a keyboard in front of a computer, but this is a big part of the job for many. The computer may be housed in an outdoor kiosk, featuring a rackmount monitor that simply pulls out of a drawer when the operator is ready to use it, but rest assured, naturalists need computer skills too. Using this type of equipment, a naturalist can keep abreast of dangerous weather conditions and advisories, as well as communicate with someone back at the office. Some of the bigger national parks have kiosks like these set up around the park — even in the most remote of areas — to enable rangers to check in while they make their rounds. In addition to computers, naturalists regularly use other forms of technology to do their jobs: Skype — For conducting e-field trips for student learners Video — For updating the park’s YouTube channel Social Media — Including both video and podcasts Webcams — Often set up in remote areas to documents animal life A Naturalist is a Teacher Probably one of the most important duties of a naturalist is to teach. They teach visitors to their parks, visitors to their museums, and visitors to their historic sites. A naturalist might spend a large portion of his day leading guests on tours of old military forts or across fields that were once important battlegrounds. He might guide visitors through caverns or take a group of school kids on a nature hike along the Appalachian Trail. So if your perception of a naturalist features a solitary person who shuns social interaction for walks in the woods, it couldn’t be further from the truth. A Naturalist is a Graphic Designer Often, the naturalist is the person responsible for generating up-to-date brochures and instructional programs for distribution to visitors, and they’ll use technology to do this. Whether in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a printed pamphlet, or posters and warning signs to hang around the park, these forms of communication are often a big part of a naturalist’s job duties, meaning they must have the artistic skill and the tech training to create ever new and interesting literature. A Naturalist is a Public Speaker Sure, there are days when a naturalist spends hours out in the field, collecting samples and specimens. But eventually, even a researcher has to talk about what he found. When an environmental scientist needs more grant money to continue his research, he might have to give a speech in front of hundreds of people — being shy and withdrawn is not a problem for most naturalists. If it is, they must learn to overcome it, or it could seriously impact their work. So the next time you run across a naturalist engaged in the performance of his duty, notice how many times he uses the skills...

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How Audio Conferencing Can Help Your Business

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Audio conferencing is a phone service available through many phone companies, and it is something that you may want to look into for your business. Audio conferencing allows you to talk with numerous people at once, and it does not require travel. It is a beneficial service to have, and here are three ways it could help your business. Save Money Your business could save a lot of money with audio conferencing services because face to face meetings would no longer be necessary. With audio conferencing, you can set up meetings between two or more people, and no one will have to travel to attend the meeting. The meeting is handled over the phone, and audio conferencing allows people to take part in the phone meeting from any location. You can save money because you will not have to travel to get to meetings, and you will not have to pay lodging and travel expenses for important clients that normally take the time to attend traditional meetings at your business. If you normally serve food at your meetings, you could save money on this too. There are numerous ways this will help your company cut costs, yet you will still be able to accomplish the same things during the meetings. Improvement in Communication A second way this could help your business is by making it easier to communicate. To join an audio conference, a person will simply need to be near a phone. The person can call in to join the conference. Through this service, you could hold meetings more often and this can help all your employees and clients stay informed as to what is going on with your company. You could schedule daily conference calls, or you could do this weekly, monthly, or as needed. When you plan these conferences, it’s important for you to: Invite people to join – You can email, call, or text the people that you want to invite to this conversation. Make sure you let them know exactly when the call will take place, and be sure to inform them about the time-zone, in case there are differences due to locations of the guests you invite. Create an agenda – It’s also important for you to let people know what the meeting is about and to have an agenda. People that join in may want to know in advance what will be discussed, and they may also want to know approximately how long the phone meeting will last. Time Savings Audio conferencing also makes holding meetings more convenient for everyone involved, and this offers a great way to save time. Most people are busy and do not have a lot of extra time, and that is why many business professionals prefer audio meetings over traditional face to face meetings. Through a conference call, they can discuss the same matters, without spending a lot of time preparing for attending the meeting. This is also a great way to get more people at the meetings because it is easier to join a conference call than it is to travel to a meeting, especially if the meeting is located hours away. You may also be able to look into video conferencing services. These are similar to audio services, except that they actually have video cameras...

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Tablet Repair—Why Jumping Into A DIY Can Be B-A-D

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If you own an electronic device, you certainly want it to last a while. Of course you’ll upgrade here and there, but when something goes wrong, you want it fixed ASAP. No one likes to be without their tablet for long. However, do-it-yourselfers need to beware. There are some things that are better left to the professionals. Tablet repair is one of those things, and here are some of the top reasons why. Special Tools Required For tablet and even smartphone repairs, special tools are generally needed to get the job done. You could order them directly from the manufacturer. But, quite frankly, tool makers typically target businesses that cater to customers like you and do repairs for a living. So, you’ll probably end up at an auction site to get the best deal. And unfortunately, you run the risk of purchasing tools that are so cheaply made, they’re not even strong enough to cut a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. Seriously. Save that money and put it towards a professional repair. Video How-Tos Not Always Reliable There are videos galore instructing the general public on how to do just about anything these days. But can you be sure they’re accurate? If you need convincing that anyone can post a video and call themselves an expert, just check this article here. As far as watching a video how-to for your tablet, here’s the thing to keep in mind. First, the person making the video already knows what’s wrong with the tablet. And they’ve probably used that same tablet over and over to shoot other DIY videos. It’s also possible that they are experienced with electronic repairs, so it’s best not to try and tackle it yourself simply after watching an “instructional” video. Obstacles to Common Repairs Got a cracked LCD screen? One of the top complaints of a particular brand is that the LCD is glued onto the face of the device, making it extremely difficult to take apart and replace. Consumers have also complained of hidden screws making the disassembly near impossible. If you’re not actually repairing a broken screen, but you’re still taking your device apart for something different, be prepared for the possibility of adding that to the list. Apparently, fragile glass that breaks easily is yet another complaint. A professionally owned business should be able to avoid a situation like this. And if not, they will be liable for any damages they’re responsible for. If you’re curious about your tablet, Business Insider has compiled an interesting list of the most difficult tablets to fix, and why they tend to be so hard for consumers.  The Problem With Warranties If your warranty is expired and your funds are limited, there’s no reason to give up hope. There are few things more frustrating than a phone or tablet that stops working the way it should. But what’s recommended in these cases is to call a tablet repair specialist and either get an estimate for the repair or find out if there are some recommended easy fixes you can do yourself. Many businesses are happy to provide their customers with free estimates. If you still have a warranty but you’re in a hurry to fix it now, welcome to the club. The need for instant gratification can drag you down...

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